For the glory of God

Community Bible Church

GROW is a two-year initiative to grow deeper in Christ and further for Christ.

The Next Chapter in Our Story.

God has brought us to a very exciting moment in our church’s history, blessing us with 27 acres of property for our future home. Therefore, we are launching GROW - a two year initiative to grow deeper and further.This Grow Initiative is not just aimed at raising funds. It also seeks to ensure that our passion to grow deeper in Christ and further for His Kingdom continues unhindered, never diminishing, for the glory of God.

Primary goal

100% participation

This is an exciting time for our church. It is an opportunity for every person who calls Grace Community Bible Church their church home to come together as one body to accomplish something greater than we have ever done before. As we each make sacrificial commitments to GROW, God will GROW us each individually and as the body of Christ together.

giving goal

$6 Million

We are trusting Him to move through His people to invest $6 million over these next two years to accomplish the vision He has given us.



$3,250,000We are committed to leading people into DEEPER hope and life in Jesus Christ. This is the first component of our GROW initiative, seeking greater impact over the next two years through our daily ministry plan.



$2,750,000God has blessed us with property in order to  FURTHER our impact for the gospel of Jesus Christ, service to our community, and reach to the nations. Having a home where we can expand and extend our ministry is the second component of our GROW initiative - resourcing the first phase of the development of our new home.

For 20 years

The History of GCBC

In January of 2024, the leadership of the church gathered together to worship, pray, and to begin to unify around the leading of God for us as a church. At that gathering Pastor Tony gave a message that detailed God planting GCBC in 2004 and how God has always led us as a church family. He continues to do the same.Listen to that message below.

GROW Sermon Series + Sermon Manuscripts

Week one

Week two

Week three

Week four

Week five

Commitment Card

Below is a GROW Commitment Card. As you seek the face of God in how you will engage with GROW, use this as a helpful tool and let us know your commitment.